Christian Counseling

Brentwood Christian Counseling

brentwood christian cousneling - man sitting by tree ponderingLooking for a counselor that shares an understanding of your Christian values can be challenging. You want someone that can help you with what brings you into counseling but has a knowledge of the Bible and can listen and understand your current life challenges and how your Christian beliefs impact those challenges. Knowing that God is in all things is an important principle to you and you want your counselor to be able to relate to how important believing this is for you. You are not alone, many people just like you seek counseling from a therapist that understands Christian doctrines and beliefs and will accept your values and your faith.  Just know, everyone faces problems and issues in life that we need help with.  If you are searching for Christian counseling in the greater Nashville area reach out to our office to discuss how we can help.

Offering a Variety of Christian Counseling in Brentwood and Surrounding Areas

Our therapists provide Christian counseling to the Brentwood and Nashville TN areas.  At Alinea Counseling, we have counselors who specialize in different areas in order to help our clients with their specific need in the context of understanding Christian values.

We offer:

  • Marriage and Couples Counseling
  • Individual Counseling:
    • Depression and Anxiety
    • Trauma and PTSD counseling
    • Grief & Loss counseling
    • Men’s issues
    • Addictions
  • Counseling for Adolescents Boys
  • Group Therapy

christian counseling nashville - plant sprouting in cement crackOur objective as a counseling group is to provide a safe place for you to be able to do Christian counseling for life struggles and relationship improvement, and get help for the specific issues in your life that are causing difficulties.

We have many years of education, counseling experience, and life experiences to help you on your journey.  Also, many of our counselors have an understanding of a Christian worldview and share that sometimes a Christian worldview adds complexity to our struggles or relationships.

Greater Brentwood Christian Counseling and Therapy

If you are searching for Christian counseling in the greater Brentwood and Nashville areas reach out to our office to discuss how we can help. Call us at 615-270-9755 to set-up an appointment.