Faith Based Counseling

Some clients come to therapy with core spiritual beliefs they want incorporated into the therapeutic environment. Other clients face spiritual crossroads concerning life meaning, existential crisis, or spiritual uncertainty. No matter what your spiritual concern, we have therapists who will respect and honor your beliefs and work with you based on your goals.

Our therapists all maintain personal spiritual beliefs but all share the core belief that each person contains inherent value and should be respected and cared for. We understand every individual is different and holds unique beliefs about religion, spirituality or interconnectedness. Our therapists are open to exploring, validating and honoring clients’ spiritual beliefs and practices.

We understand the complexities of organized religion mixed with pressures people face in navigating the material world can create incredible intensity and inner conflict for some. We are here to help people make sense of their challenges and incorporate clients’ personal spiritual values into their daily lives. We strive to validate our clients’ internal spiritual gifts and help them create a lasting stable foundation of confidence.

Clients have come to us for help with spiritual issues such as…

  • existential fears of death, meaninglessness, or spiritual isolation
  • concerns of guilt or not measuring up
  • spiritual beliefs not matching behaviors or actions
  • uncertainty with specific religious beliefs
  • spiritual wounding or aggressive behavior from religious figures
  • marriage concerns with religion or spirituality
  • pain from family religion or spiritual practices
  • desires to enhance or explore spiritual beliefs or practices

If you are interested in scheduling an appointment or if you have questions for one of our therapists, please reach out. We are here to help you on your spiritual journey.