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Did You Ever Think You Might Need to See a
Marriage Counselor?

Caring and Effective Marriage Counseling in Brentwood, TN

brentwood marriage counseling - man and woman holding handsIt’s so great when you meet someone special, fall in love and get married.  When a relationship is working, it is wonderful to be with the other person to love, laugh, enjoy romance, have friendship, and support each other. But problems and issues can come up that start tearing your relationship apart. It’s often hard to know what to do and where to turn.

What Causes Marriage Problems?

marriage counseling brentwood - couple holding hands and baby shoesAll married couples, even those in healthy and good relationships can encounter stress, conflict, and discord.  At times conflict can inspire spouses to learn to work together to get their needs met. However, it’s also very common for conflict to turn unhealthy, and lead to a situation where spouses feel alone, tense, or upset about the future of their relational bond.

The stress of modern-day busy schedules can be at the root of many relationship issues. Between work responsibilities, socializing events, parenting duties, personal care, and hobbies, it is difficult to make time for partners to connect and maintain a healthy level of emotional intimacy. Adding to this problem, many couples may rely heavily on technology to connect with their spouse by using social media, texting, or phone calls. Often this is quick and easy way to stay in touch. However, not making time for or avoiding intimate face-to-face interactions with one another can lead to dissatisfaction in the relationship. It is important to plan and prioritize individual, interpersonal time with your spouse and not overuse technology.

Problems with your marriage can stem from arguing about money, sex, infidelity, parenting, step-children, in-laws, and division of labor in the home.  Problems get worse when these issues actually stop being addressed all together.  Do you feel disrespected, ignored, under-appreciated, which builds resentfulness, bitterness, and/or discord? Our marriage counselors have worked with numerous couples just like you.

Brentwood Marriage Counselors are Here for You

Our marriage counselors will help you both with conflict resolution, how to constructively discuss difficult topics, gain trust and intimacy, and get you back on a better relational track. Most couples wait far too long to get help. Don’t make that mistake. Please contact our marriage counselors in Brentwood, TN to discuss how we can help you. Call Alinea Center at 615-270-9755 or go to our contact page.

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